Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Field-of-study homogamy: Evidence from the EU: new research spin-off blog from Alena Bičáková and Štěpán Jurajda

Positive assortative matching between college graduates has been well documented in marriage markets. Using European survey data, this column explores whether graduates form couples within their field of study. A third of married or cohabiting graduate couples both studied within the same field. These results are driven in part by assortative matching, and there are notable differences across fields of study as well as across countries.

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Figure 1. The Gender Gap Index and FSH-potential utilisation rate (H/H(P))
 Note: The Gender Gap Index, generated by the World Economic Forum, reflects economic and political opportunities, education, and well-being for women. The highest possible GGI score is 1 (equality) and the lowest possible score is 0 (inequality).

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