Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Can War Foster Cooperation?

Vědecký článek Michala Bauera a kol. ve špičkovém žurnálu Journal of Economic Perspectives  skvěle analyticky shrnuje existující výzkumy na toto téma. Abstract: In this article, we discuss and synthesize a rapidly growing body of research based on a wealth of new data from which a consistent finding has emerged: people exposed to war violence tend to behave more cooperatively after war. We show the range of cases where this holds true and persists, even many years after war. 

Until recently, a paucity of individual-level data from conflict and post-conflict societies prevented researchers from systematically exploring the legacies of war on social and political behavior. In the last decade, however, interdisciplinary teams of researchers—mainly in economics, anthropology, political science, and psychology—have begun to design research projects specifically to understand how exposure to war violence affects collective action, fairness, cooperation, and other important aspects of social behavior among populations around the globe. 

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